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30A Beaches & Communities

Highway 30A Beaches
Rosemary Beach Vacation Rentals
From the masterfully designed cottages and beautiful environment to the community events and lively town center, Rosemary Beach has made its name as the premier destination along Scenic Highway 30-A. The stunning homes, all interconnected by footpaths, boardwalks and secret pathways, lead to pristine public areas including parks, the beach, tennis courts, swimming pools and the ever-growing town center


Seacrest Beach Vacation Rentals

If you like your beach vacations on the quiet side, Seacrest’s tranquil charm is a perfect fit. Situated at the eastern end of Scenic Highway 30A, this eclectic mix of classic Florida beach houses and brand new vacation rental homes is mainly residential and highly natural.

WaterSound Vacation Rentals

From the bold turquoise of Gulf water to deep green wooded grasslands, from the serenity of riding a beach bike between two dunes to the enjoyment of driving a ball on the Camp Creek Golf Course, the gated resort community of WaterSound gives its visitors a secluded microcosm of everything that South Walton has to offer.

Seagrove Beach Vacation Rentals

Named for the thick grove of windswept trees that surround it, Seagrove still maintains the same green canopy of oaks, magnolias, hickories, and sand pines that came to define it a half a century ago.

Today, Seagrove has an eclectic mix of old beach homesteads and newer cottages, as well as a well-balanced menu of off-beach activities that range from exploring Point Washington State Forest to browsing the beach shops and restaurants along Scenic Highway 30A.

Seaside Florida Vacation Rentals

An outdoor amphitheatre. A nationally acclaimed fine arts festival. A local repertory troupe. When it comes to pairing beauty and the beach, the folks in Seaside have, well… made an art of it. 

Of course, that’s exactly what you’d expect from a town that wrote the book on New Urbanism, and where the picture-perfect pastel homes and picket fences lit up the big screen in The Truman Show. But there’s more to Seaside than its design. It’s a beach neighborhood with a profound sense of community, a family-friendly feel, and a whimsical sense of fun that will permeate your entire visit

Watercolor Florida Vacation Rentals

Hailed for its eco-friendly design and environmental stewardship, WaterColor is a shining example of how responsible development not only blends in with its surroundings, but enhances them. 

With an award-winning inn and restaurant, stately beach cottages, a boathouse, tennis club, spa, shops, restaurants, and beach club, there are always plenty of “civilized” things to do. But with almost half of its 499 acres set aside for open space and preservation, WaterColor’s emphasis is clearly on the breathtaking natural environment that surrounds it.

Grayton Beach Vacation Rental

The hand-painted sign on the side of the road sums it up: “Nice Dogs, Friendly Folks.” Grayton Beach is about as laid-back and organic as a beach town can get, from the old-style wooden beach bungalows to the “hippie kitsch” feel of the iconic Red Bar to the narrow neighborhood streets lined with live oaks. 

But this is more than just a cool beach town. It’s home to the diverse coastal ecosystems of Western Lake and Grayton Beach State Park, and a gateway to a large expanse of sugar-white beach that is a haven for fishermen, boaters, and beachcombers alike.

Blude Mountain

With native blue lupine flowers (the “blue”) and some of the highest dunes on the Gulf coast (the “mountain”), Blue Mountain stands out along the coastline with its own naturally laid-back style. From lavish homes to ‘60s-era beach cottages, you'll be sure to find a style all your own.

Santa Rosa Beach

Founded in 1910 in a thriving turpentine industry, Santa Rosa Beach was the start of South Walton as we know it. Today, Santa Rosa Beach boasts luxury beach houses, upscale dining, and a unique artist colony. It was named one of the “10 Best Beach Destinations for 2011” by Yahoo! Travel.

Gulf Place

As the newest addition to the exclusive list of beautiful beach neighborhoods found in South Walton, Gulf Place is quickly making a name for itself as a complete vacation destination.

Dune Allan

Coastal dune lakes are a geographical rarity – an ecosystem found in only a handful of places around the world, including South Walton. However, in Dune Allen alone there are three. These lakes bring a heightened sense of beauty and ecological balance to this area.