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All You Need to Know: The FAQs

Q: Should I expect the same number of bookings throughout the year?
A: Because of the area's reputation as a “paradise” and the regular school and work restrictions, most vacationers tend to visit in the warmer months. This means that while your property may receive more bookings during the summer, it is customary to expect lower occupancy during fall and winter. However, we target off-season rentals to our “snowbird” visitors.

Q: Do I need to set up a landline for my property?
A: No, 30A Luxury Vacations does not require residential telephone service for properties.

Q: Do you limit the number of occupants permitted in my property?
A: Yes! Each property clearly states the maximum number of guests allowed, and we will not permit exceptions.  Occupancy limits refer to the number of people in and at home at any time, not just who's sleeping there.  We do not allow guests to go over occupancy limits at any time during their stay.

Q: How do we determine what rate to rent my property for?
A: Suggested rental rates vary from property to property based on many factors such as location, proximity to the beach and/or pool, amenities, gulf views, condition, and more.  A property with all new appliances, recent renovations, high-end audio video systems, and a private pool tends to rent for more than a dated property lacking modern conveniences.  Also, rates vary from season to season: Peak Seasons (spring break & summer), Shoulder Seasons (Spring & Fall), and Off-Season (Winter).

Q: Can I book my own property?
A: Of course! We have a convenient owner portal system for our owners to view their properties’ availability to avoid double bookings.

Q: How do you decide which property to book first?
A: 30A Luxury Vacations does not play favorites. We do our best to find the perfect match for each of our guests and find that by finding the right property based on the guests needs, they will have the most enjoyable experience and come back again.

Q: How will my property be protected from guests’ damages?
A: Our Guest Rental Agreement is very explicit about protecting our properties from more than normal wear and tear. 30A Luxury Vacations is proactive when it comes to protecting your property! We provide coverage of up to $3000 of damages and have the guest’s credit card on file.

Q: How does 30A Luxury Vacations take care of maintenance problems?
A: We have a great maintenance crew and solid relationships with reputable local professional vendors qualified to fix any problem as quickly as it arises. For significant issues, we immediately contact you for approval.

Q: Do you allow pets?
A: Unlike other rental companies, we do have some pet-friendly properties. We always require notification of intent to bring an animal at the time of the initial reservation, as well as a non-refundable pet fee that goes to the cleaning companies that work hard to ensure any guests don't feel like they are staying in a pet-friendly rental.

Q: Why should I choose 30A Luxury Vacations over any other rental company?
A: There are many reasons:

  • Our owners enjoy the most comprehensive benefits offered by any vacation property management company along 30A
  • Our technology enables us to advertise and promote your property locally, nationally, and internationally more efficiently than the competition.
  • Our team members regularly update your property’s marketing content to attract the most attention from vacation-planning consumers.
  • We’re in constant contact with our owners and guests requesting feedback as we strive to improve every aspect of our business.

Most importantly, we develop friendships with our owners and respect and care about them as well as their valuable properties. They are not strangers adrift in our system, they are our friends and business partners and we treat them as such.

We’d love to get to know you, too!